Research — Strategy — Engagement

Woodnewton is a research and communications agency helping clients understand their environment, develop their strategy and engage more closely with the their partners and audiences.

Our team have all held senior positions in government and understand the strategic context for research and analysis. It’s why we’ve worked for high-profile clients such as the Ministry of Defence, the Electoral Commission and GCHQ.

We have built up expertise in fields such as healthcare and behavioural change; but we also gain insight from the breadth of the projects and clients we work with, from Diabetes UK to the Palestine Authority, and Thames Water to Subway.

We have been an approved supplier of qualitative research, analysis, concept and message testing and performance and reputational audit to the UK government since 2009.

We work with fieldwork agencies such as YouGov and ICM to provide a full-service offer including national and international surveys. And as a specialist firm with a strong focus on costs, we also offer unrivalled value-for-money. 




Woodnewton Associates Limited
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(+44) 207 242 1133

Woodnewton was founded to bring together research, strategy and engagement, and give clients all the benefits of a full-service agency at a fraction of the price. Eleven years on, our client endorsements speak for themselves.
— James Humphreys, Director